Greetings From Edisto Real Estate Company – cleanup after Hurricane Matthew- Marie Bost

Palmetto Boulevard

Contractors are working on Palmetto Boulevard from  1000 to 500 tomorrow to remove the sand from the road and driveways and place on the beach.  DOT will be working on sidewalk clearing.  We are building a dune in front of the homes 20 feet wide by 6 feet tall to help protect properties from further surge damage.

We are trying to open these areas as soon as possible so our residents can return home.  We will only be working in clearing yards we have received hold harmless paperwork.  Once we move from this area, we will not be able to come back but will be moving to blocks 100-500.  After we leave an area, the homeowners will need to contract with someone to remove the sand from their property.  If you want to have this work done in part by the Town, please call them asap

Debris Removal **UPDATED**

Please sort your waste.  Place yard debris, separate from construction debris, and white goods and electronics.  Costs fro removal of storm debris is cost shared with FEMA.  FEMA will pay 75% and the Town will pay 25%.

The Town has State Road and local Roads,  The State will be paying to remove debris from State Roads and the Town will be paying to have debris removed from local roads. *** The State has to certify the trucks today (Wednesday) so the state will be picking up yard waste on state roads beginning Thursday.**  The State will be picking up yard waste on State Roads, Wednesday.  The Town is working on the local debris removal schedule and plans to burn the debris on the island to save money.   Please do not use plastic bags for yard debris.

We have closed the convenience station to storm debris because the Town will have to pay 100% of the cost to dispose of this debris.



News from Edisto Real Estate Company – Marie Bost

Disaster Assistance
If you need disaster assistance go to the following link

Yard Debris Removal Information
Edisto Beach has both state roads and local roads.

Debris removal on state roads is being handled by SCDOT. The debris removal for local roads is being handled by the Colleton County Contractor.

SCDOT has schedule to remove yard debris only on state roads October 19, 2016. The yard debris must be separated from other debris. Yard debris located on areas of Palmetto Boulevard that is closed and under construction will be addressed at a later date.

The Town is working on the schedule for yard debris on local roads. Further debris removal schedules will be listed as available.

State Roads

· Palmetto

· Mary

· Whaley

· Portia

· Dawhoo

· Byrd

· Nancy

· Thistle

· Chancellor

· Dorothy

· Marianne

· Lybrand

· Murray

· Holmes

· Neptune

· Myrtle

· Yacht Club Road

· Dock Site Road

· Jungle Road

· Bay Point

· Point Street (paved portion)

Sand Removal
SCDOT is removing beach sand from Palmetto Boulevard to be placed back on the beach. The Town is working on removing sand deposited in yards along the beachfront and 1st row along portions of Palmetto Boulevard. If you are an owner of these properties, please contact Town Hall, Iris Hill at 843-869-2505 x 211. We can assist in removal of some of the sand from around your home to be placed back on the beach. We will not be removing sand from under structures. We ask if you hire someone to remove this sand to please place it back on the beach if it is free of debris. We still plan to nourish our beach and hope this setback (Hurricane Matthew) does not delay our efforts.

This offers disaster survivors guidance regarding applying for assistance. Specifically, it has a list of items you need when you apply for assistance.Apply now to apply for assistance. If you experience difficulty applying online, you may also call (800) 621-3362 /…

EDISTO BEACH FIRE DEPARTMENT; Edisto Beach Public Safety Day November 7, 2015


For immediate release:                                                    For more information, contact:

August 31, 2015                                                Mike Kelly (843) 737-1867 



The Town of Edisto Beach Fire Department has designated November 7, 2015 as Public Safety Day.  This event is being held in conjunction with the Edisto Island Lion’s Club.   Bring your family and join us at this free, child-friendly event held at the Lion’s Club located at 2907 Myrtle Street from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

At the event you will meet personnel from the Fire, Police and Sheriff’s departments and other public safety organizations from Colleton County.

Here are some of the things that you will be able to see and do at the event:

  • Put out a fire during the Fire Extinguisher Training Class
  • See the Fire, Police and Sheriff’s equipment used to protect our community
  • Bring your fire extinguisher to the event to have it checked and recharged if necessary
  • See K9 Tracker Dogs
  • Bring your worn United States Flag so that it can be disposed of properly
  • Talk to members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Lion’s Club, Edisto Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Beach Patrol, Chamber of Commerce, Colleton County Fire Dog and The Red Cross
  • The first 100 Edisto Beach Fire District Property Owners to attend will receive a free fire extinguisher (one per property). Non Edisto Beach Fire District attendees will be able to purchase fire extinguishers.

For more information or to make a donation to support this event please contact:

Mike Kelly 843-737-1867

Jerome Kizer for City Council!

I am proud to post this letter from Jerome Kizer and ask all of you once again to support him; an Edisto Beach resident for 35 years in the upcoming election.

Thanks so much,

Marie Bost

Jerome council

October 16, 2015

Dear Edisto Beach Neighbors,

Please allow me to introduce myself to those of you I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. And to my Friends I am fortunate enough to be acquainted with, I thank you all for your time.

My name is Jerome Kizer and I am a candidate for Edisto Beach Town Council.   I have lived on Edisto Beach for over 35 years.  I am a 4th generation Edistonian with family ties that stretch back to the early 1900’s. I am a local businessman and have been in business on Edisto for over 37 years.  Although my political experience is limited, I am seeking a council seat without any pre-determined agenda, only with a strong desire to serve our community. What I do have however, is a lifetime experience on Edisto with a commitment to keep Edisto the cherished coastal town it has remained.  Although we have seen many changes over the years, we have carefully progressed to the Edisto we know and love today.  With your support, I would like to continue to move forward the Edisto way, while preserving the uniqueness of our coastal town.

As your councilman I will:

  • Support the beach nourishment project. Our economy, tourism, recreation and the survival of the sea turtle habitat depend on the condition of our beach.  Lengthening the groins and filling critical areas should be our first priority.  Sand fencing to create dunes is extremely effective and should be implemented in the very near future.
  • Maintaining and improving our infrastructure with the Capital Improvement Plan. As our infrastructure ages, we must continue to provide adequate maintenance for our parks, streets, sidewalks, and water and sewer utilities.
  • Encourage our local businesses to grow, create new jobs and provide new services not only for our community but for our visitors and future residents.

Throughout the past 30 years I have supported our Town Council by voting for, and keeping our critical ordinances in place on height restrictions, density, and zoning against hotels and motels.  Keeping these and others ordinances enforced will protect our town now and for generations to come. Together, we can preserve the quality of life we enjoy on Edisto and plan for the inevitable changes to come.  I will work hard to represent you and be your voice on council.

I would appreciate your vote and support on November 3rd.

Jerome W. Kizer

Media Release from SC Department of Insurance


South Carolina
Department of Insurance

Media Release                                                                                                                                    October 19, 2015


For Immediate Release

Contact: Ann Roberson                                                                                                                               Phone: 803-737-6207

Don’t Let Yourself Be Victimized Twice, Be Aware of Fraud and Other Scams

As South Carolina enters the recovery phase following the recent flooding, the South Carolina Department of Insurance wants to encourage consumers to BE AWARE. Unfortunately, con artists and others engaged in illegal activity prey on people during the aftermath of a catastrophic event. “Individuals are so anxious to get back their sense of normalcy that they become the victims of fraud,” said Director Ray Farmer, “because they let their emotions control their decisions.” Don’t get victimized twice. Here are some tips to help you protect yourself and your property from fraud and other scams.

Protect Yourself from Home Repair Fraud

  • Call your insurance company first. Home repair fraud increases exponentially following a major storm. Protect your investment by getting more than one bid from contractors and requesting at least three references. Your insurer may be able to make recommendations on reliable roofers. Beware of door-to-door solicitations to repair your roof.
  • Make sure the contractor is licensed. When choosing a contractor to make repairs, check licensing and references before hiring. You may look up a contractor’s licensing status by going to the South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation website,
  • Get it in writing. Always insist on a written estimate before repairs begin and do not sign any contracts before the insurance company’s adjuster has examined the damage. In some cases the adjuster will want to see the estimate before you begin making repairs.
  • Make payments in installments. Do not pay a contractor the full amount up front or sign over your insurance settlement payment. A contractor should expect to be paid a percentage when the contract is signed and the remainder once the work is completed. Keep a record of all payments made.
  • Hidden damages. If the contractor finds hidden damage that was not discovered in the original assessment by the adjuster, contact your insurance company to resolve the difference. For any disagreements that cannot be resolved, contact the South Carolina Department of Insurance about your recourse.

More Information

Here are some things to watch out for: advertisements or other statements like the “offer is only good for today;” or “we can make you a deal because the repairs will be made with materials left over.” If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. The key is to get educated about your insurance choices.

For more information about homeowners or renter’s insurance and the basic coverages in a policy, go to and choose the life stage that best fits your life situation. For specific questions about coverages or about a licensee, you may contact the South Carolina Department of Insurance at 1-800-768-3467 or by email at You may also file a complaint online with the South Carolina Department of Insurance.

Don’t be a victim of insurance fraud! Before you sign a contract or write a check for coverage, STOP. CALL the South Carolina Department of Insurance and CONFIRM that the agent, adjuster, appraiser, and/or company you are working with are licensed to do business in your state. Report incidents of insurance and other types of fraud to the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office at 1-888-953-7283.

Storm UPDATE for Edisto….

Greetings from Edisto Beach….I know a lot of you are wondering what the REAL story is about how Edisto is weathering the storm so here it is:

Lots of wind, LOTS of rain, lots of standing water, we caught the outer band of the storm which is good.
Some beach erosion and property damage between the 100 block and the 700 block.
Road closed between the 1600 block to the end of Yacht Club Road and alot of
Myrtle Street.  We were blessed that we didn’t have more damage. Columbia, Charleston,
and other inland Colleton County areas are very damaged and under water!

If any of you have any questions just give me a call!  843-830-8669


Real Meaning of Memorial Day

The real meaning of Memorial Day —


Here in a resort area, Memorial Day weekend is considered the kickoff to the busy summer season and looking forward to fun times on the beach!

Although there is nothing wrong with that, and we would not change it, I hope readers will give a few moments thought to the real meaning of Memorial Day this weekend.

The trouble with evoking memories from past military conflicts is that they represent another time, one that is hard for many of us to connect with today.

But for those who lived through the past few wars, Memorial Day is not a history lesson, quickly forgotten like other lessons from our school days. For them it is the father, the brother, the son, the husband, the friend who never came home.

And for those of us living today, the war dead are our vivid connection to Memorial Day — because it is an eerie fact that many of us would not be here today were it not for a quirk of fate that allowed our fathers to survive a war. My Great Great Grandfather died in the civil war and never had the chance to even meet his son and only child, my Great Grandfather.  My Great Uncle fought and survived World War II, my father fought and survived the Korean War and my brother fought and survived the Vietnam War.  I am eternally grateful for not only my own existence but also for my niece and nephew, my brother’s children born after he served in Vietnam.

How many of the next generation know that;

25,000 Americans died in the Revolutionary War

15,000 Americans died in the War of 1812

500,000 Americans died in the Civil War

116,000 Americans died in World War I

more than 400,000 Americans died in World War II

54,000 Americans died in the Korean War

58,000 Americans died in the Vietnam War

or that 6720 Americans in the Military have died since 2001 in the War on Terror?

How many of the dead would have fathered children whose impact would still be felt in our lives today?

Since many of these heroes were only 18 or 19 years old,  they were robbed of the chance to leave us any legacy other than the memory of their sacrifice.

A wounded seaman who was taken aboard a rescue vessel during the D-Day invasion was quoted in Life magazine about the fundamental mystery of war:

“(The ship) was loaded with the bodies of sailors, soldiers, airmen; the wounded and survivors. And on board was the body of my friend Pete Petersen. He was going to be 21 on June 22. One thing you always wonder is, how does that decision get made: Who dies and who doesn’t?”

On this holiday weekend, let’s not forget the meaning behind Memorial Day.  The “National Moment of Remembrance” resolution was passed on Dec 2000 by the President of the United States which asks that at 3 p.m. local time, for all Americans “To voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a Moment of remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a minute of silence or listening to ‘Taps.”

Let’s take just a minute on Monday at 3 pm and honor those who died for us; I know my family and I will.  Then we will make a toast to them and to each other.  The name of my Great Great Grandfather who died in the Civil War was Daniel Greenlee Caldwell.  If you would like to post the name of someone you will specifically be remembering please do; we’ll be thinking of them also.